WD Lab Grown Diamonds Announces New CVD Patent Sublicensing Partner

WD Lab Grown Diamonds, leading U.S.-based producer of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) laboratory grown diamonds, has entered into a patent sublicensing agreement with Ethereal Green Diamonds LLP ("EGDL") and its affiliate The Diamond Library. This agreement is an expansion on WD's sublicensing program, announced late 2020, which to date includes ALTR (India) Private Limited and ALTR, Inc. and Evolution Diamond.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds Expands Its Leadership Team

WD Lab Grown Diamonds, the leading U.S.-based producer of laboratory grown diamonds, announces today that Elda Fistani has been named Chief Revenue Officer, and Herb Doscher, Vice President of Operational Planning. These pivotal hires come as WD solidifies its global market leadership position in the category.

The First Certified Climate Neutral and Sustainability Rated Diamond Arrives with Latitude, a Revolutionary New Brand

Launching today from D.C.-headquartered industry pioneer WD Lab Grown Diamonds, Latitude defines an entirely new choice for conscious consumers. From the first and only diamond company worldwide to be Certified Climate Neutral and to achieve the highest level of Sustainability Rating, Latitude is reimagining the diamond industry through new standards of transparency, innovation and ethics.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds First to Achieve SCS Sustainable Diamond Certification, Sets New Industry Standard

WD Lab Grown Diamonds is the first company to be certified under the provisional Certification Standard for Sustainable Diamonds. This achievement grants WD third-party authorization to use the claims of 'Certified Sustainable' and 'Certified Climate Neutral' on their high-quality, As Grown diamonds.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds Acquires J2 Materials, a Pioneering Materials Science Company

WD Lab Grown Diamonds, a leading U.S. producer of laboratory grown diamonds, announced today that it has completed the strategic acquisition of J2 Materials ("J2"), a pioneering crystal growth technology company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds Announces CVD Patent Sublicensing Agreements with Select Industry Partners

WD Lab Grown Diamonds today announced that it has entered into patent sublicensing agreements with ALTR (India) Private Limited and ALTR, Inc. and Evolution Diamond. The agreements, the first of their kind in the industry, permit both entities to distribute CVD lab grown diamonds.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds Expands Senior Leadership Team, Prepares for Growth

Sue Rechner joined the organization as Chief Executive Officer in late 2019, bringing a strong background in consumer-centric brand stewardship and sustainability advocacy. With support from leading private equity firm Huron Capital, Rechner is now building a core leadership team to accelerate the company's growth trajectory.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds Names Sue Rechner as CEO

WD Lab Grown Diamonds, a leading producer of large, ultra-high-quality laboratory grown diamonds for the jewelry, scientific and industrial markets has appointed Sue Rechner as CEO. The selection of Rechner is part of a planned leadership transition from founder Clive Hill who will continue to be a significant shareholder and active board member leading projects in support of WD's long-range strategic plans.

Huron Capital Completes Equity Investment in WD Lab Grown Diamonds

Leading middle-market private equity firm Huron Capital announced today it has made a significant equity investment in WD Lab Grown Diamonds. Based in the Washington D.C. area, the Company is a leading producer of large, ultra-high-quality laboratory grown diamonds for the jewelry, scientific and industrial markets. 

World Record: 9.04-Carat Diamond Grown in the USA by WD Lab Grown Diamonds

WD Lab Grown Diamonds successfully grew a 9.04-carat round brilliant diamond using the company’s patented Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process... The company broke its own CVD diamond size record that was previously announced in January – increasing its record-breaking feat from 6 carats to more than 9 carats.

Lab Grown Diamonds Enabling New Scientific Breakthroughs – WD CTO Tsach Says, 'This is the latest example of our ongoing innovation'

WD Lab Grown Diamonds announced that in February one of its diamonds withstood a record-setting 600,000 atmospheres of pressure in a scientific study at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. To study the structure and properties of ice at such extreme conditions requires high pressure and neutrons. Such studies are only possible with large lab grown diamonds.

Maryland-Based Pioneer Grows Largest-Ever Round Diamond

WD Lab Grown Diamonds today announced that its patented technology has successfully created a 6-carat round diamond that now stands as the world’s only known lab- made CVD diamond of its size and shape. The gemstone was grown at the company’s facility located just outside Washington, DC in a secure lab.