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WD Lab Grown Diamonds Joins Maryland Green Registry

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Through the company's continuous efforts to drive sustainability and corporate responsibility, WD Lab Grown Diamonds recently announced it joined the Maryland Green Registry, a statewide program centered around helping businesses meet their sustainability goals. As a member, WD agrees to share their Environmental Policy Statement, at least five core and related practices, as well as measurable environmental performance results. For a full overview of WD's statement, including the company's positioning on Energy Efficiency, Climate Impact, Water Conservation, and more, check out the overview here:

Per the Maryland Green Registry site, "Members have reported saving over $76 million annually through the proven, practical measures they have shared in their online member profiles."

Learn more about the registry here:


Maryland-based WD Lab Grown Diamonds produces some of the highest quality Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds in the gemstone market. The company also offers new technologies and applications for diamonds in a variety of other fields, including high pressure environments, medical and scientific uses.


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