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The Ongoing Quest for a Sustainable Diamond

Nobel Laureate Lauds Washington Diamonds' CVD Technology

Lab Grown or Natural Diamonds? The Choice Is Getting Clearer for Customers and Retailers

Some Created Diamond Sellers Want to Make “As-Grown” A Thing

WD Lab Grown Diamonds First to Achieve SCS Sustainable Diamond Certification, Sets New Industry Standard

Synthetics Producer Rebrands in Sustainability Push

WD Lab Grown Buys J2 Materials, Another Grower

Lab-Grown Diamonds Need To Be On Every Jewelry Store’s Shopping List

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WD Opens Up Lab-Grown Patents to Distributors

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Interview With WD Lab Grown CEO Sue Rechner

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WD Lab Grown Diamonds Announces CVD Patent Sublicensing Agreements with Select Industry Partners

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Two Execs Join WD Lab Grown Diamonds

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Maryland-based WD Lab Grown Diamonds produces some of the highest quality Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds in the gemstone market. The company also offers new technologies and applications for diamonds in a variety of other fields, including high pressure environments, medical and scientific uses.


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