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WD Lab Grown Diamonds collaborates with experts in the high pressure field
to provide the most suitable anvils for you at the lowest price.

We offer:

New anvil design: Efficient and lower cost. Anvils are type IIa, cylindrical, laser-cut CVD diamonds with precision-polished culets and bevels.

* Anvil and binding rings set for added stability and easier mounting on your standard seats
* Mounted, aligned anvils – seat combination, press-fit. Easy anvil replacement. Seats made to your specifications.
* Very large mounted anvils for Neutron Diffraction and other large volume applications
*patent pending
Optical grade (suitable for IR, X-ray, ruby fluorescence and some Raman applications). Nitrogen level is < 0.5 ppm
Ultra low fluorescence (ULF, suitable for high performance Raman spectroscopy. For example, produced strong hydrogen vibron at 1.5 Mbar with 672 nm excitation). Top layer has ppb level of nitrogen* resulting in extremely low Raman background over a large wavelength range (532 nm excitation).
Large anvils for Neutron and X-ray applications (slightly brownish but allowing for ruby measurements.
Nitrogen level ~ 5 ppm (tested 5mm diameter anvils with 1.5mm culets to 50 GPa)

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