WD Lab Grown Diamonds specializes in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) lab-grown diamonds – producing high-quality, authentic diamonds in just a few weeks, rather than the millions of years it takes nature to form a stone. Not only are these beautiful diamonds physically, optically and chemically indistinguishable from natural, mined diamonds, they provide exceptional value and typically cost at least 30 percent less than mined stones of the same size, cut and quality.
WD Lab Grown Diamonds guarantees the highest quality and greatest value in the market – as certified by the International Gemological Institute, one of the most trusted diamond grading laboratories in the world. And because WD Lab Grown Diamonds is completely transparent about its stones, you’ll never have to worry about substitutions – WD Lab Grown Diamonds proudly laser inscribes the girdles of all of its stones Lab-Grown in the USA.
Cut is the most important of the “Four Cs” to the appearance of a diamond. Because WD Lab Grown Diamonds insists on the highest cutting standards, its diamonds are especially brilliant and beautiful. Unlike mined diamonds, WD Lab Grown Diamonds are superbly cut and polished, without compromise, to produce the stone’s maximum beauty regardless of the diamond’s weight.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds takes pride in the fact that its stones are conflict-free, humane and ethical diamonds grown in U.S. labs, so you can buy them in good conscience. They are untainted by the scandals that have plagued the mined diamond industry – the fueling of decades-long wars, human rights violations and damage to the environment.

About WD Lab Grown Diamonds

WD Lab Grown Diamonds has combined its substantial personnel experience, industry expertise and deep theoretical and research background to produce and develop better diamonds for the gemstones market, as well as for industrial and high-tech applications.
The Carnegie Institution of Washington (CIW) has licensed WD Lab Grown Diamonds the single-crystal CVD diamond growth technology it has developed during the last 15 years.
The methods and equipment associated with CVD diamond growth allow WD Lab Grown Diamonds not only to grow beautiful diamonds, but to pioneer new technologies and applications using diamond as a supermaterial.
Headquartered just outside Washington, DC, WD Lab Grown Diamonds was established in 2008 by Clive Hill, a lifelong expert in the diamond jewelry industry.
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Acclaim from the Industry

  • As a manufacturer of the world’s finest diamonds, we are honored to have been selected by WD Lab Grown Diamonds to cut their CVD diamonds to the highest cut grades available. The color and clarities are improving on a weekly basis, and we’re encouraged to see the G VS’s coming off the production line.
  • WD Lab Grown Diamonds has very high quality cutting standards and takes great care producing diamonds. The result is that its stones are beautiful, bright, lively diamonds.
  •  Swediamonds is Scandinavia’s leading distributor of CVD lab grown diamonds, and the exclusive distributor of WD Lab Grown Diamonds’ stones in Scandinavia. We are proud to be in cooperation with WD Lab Grown Diamonds because of the superior quality and exquisite presentation of their stones — all certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).
  • Evert P. Botha, RS, Embee Diamond Technologies, Inc.
  • Joseph Soto, Director of Diamonds, Robbins Brothers retail jewelry chain
  • Joseph J, Owner, Swediamonds